Ad Libitum Business Coaching was set up in 2010 by Dena Merson and is the culmination of three successful careers.

Dena, a WABC Certified Coach, brings her diverse career background, in racing and the City, to inform her business coaching, specialising in individual and team performance and working with managing directors and chief executives looking to enhance their leadership ability. She uses her business experience and coaching expertise to challenge clients and ensure enduring change at management level by encouraging the formation of clear, coherent strategies.

Ad Libitum works with individuals and organisations in managing transition and enhancing performance. Dena specialises in coaching senior executives who have succeeded to a new role and working with women at furthering their career, by helping them develop the self-confidence and skills that will enable them to achieve their business objectives and thrive in senior management positions. Through the coaching process, individuals achieve improved levels of awareness which elevate performance. Dena's aim is to maximise her clients' capacity to realise their potential

Dena brings her diverse career background to benefit her business coaching, specialising individualand team performance and working with managing directors and chief executives lookingto enhance their leadership ability. Business experience and coaching expertise are
utilised to challenge leaders and ensure enduring change at management and board level byencouraging the formation of clear, coherent strategies. Denafocuses on successfully managing risk, people and pressure, dealing with managerial pitfallssuch as succession planning and communication .Womenare shown how to develop the self- confidence and skills that will enable them to achievetheir business objectives and thrive in senior executive position Ad Libitum has expertise in encouraging individuals  to explore, clarify and resolve issues that hinder their ability to manage effectively and progress within an organisation. These can include managerial pitfalls, such as impact, communication, and succession planning. Constructive feedback can resolve confidence, visibility and performance issues and make the workplace more rewarding. 

Dena also specialises in working with people moving to new careers, having had first-hand experience of the skills needed to cope with transitioning to a new role in a high performance environment. Clients are challenged by Dena to explore and understand their strengths, use them to their advantage and fully develop their talents, making the next career step more enjoyable and manageable.

 Ad Libitum Business Coaching gives support through the transition process and a framework for clients to become strong performers and leaders who are fulfilled and successful.